About Us

Welcome to the blog of the Bull of Ombos Pylon.  We are a group of dedicated Initiates of the Temple of Set, working and weaving our magic through the unique landscape of Central Texas.

We are living in an aeon of unprecedented freedom of thought and information. It is my pleasure, as the Pylon Sentinel, to contribute through the creation and maintenance of this blog. We aim to share just a small part of the activities of the Temple with the public.

I believe that the days of witch hunts and Satanic Panic are safely in the past, and that today’s public is smart enough to handle what we have to say.

The Pylon may be contacted at bullofombos@gmail.com with any serious questions, comments or thoughts.

Xeper and Remanifest

The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily represent the official doctrines or policies of the Temple of Set. 

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. It is great to have discovered this blog.

    I am interested in the teachings and philosophy of the Temple of Set and would like to acquaint myself with members of the Temple to see if it is an adequate fit for me and vice versa.

    Currently reading the works by Edred Thorsson/ Stephen Flowers and find that his material resonates with me quite well.

    I have been covering the information in Black Runa as well as other related literature by Dr. Flowers and find that I would like to explore this content further within Temple of Set and later (potentially) in the Order of the Trapezoid.

    Are there any members residing in DFW that I might be able to connect with?

    Please feel free to email me using the address provided with my contact information.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you for your time.


  2. Hi there. I live in Austin and have read a handful of Setian material and was interested in finding out more about the Temple of Set from members firsthand and to even see if I would qualify or fit in. Thanks. -Christopher Robin


  3. Hello,

    I’ve discovered this site as a result of reading a book and a powerful recurring dream.

    I’d like to learn more. I’m sincere. I don’t know how to begin. The two sources of information I have looked at are this site and the Temple of Set website.

    Guidance or information about how to learn more, or what to do next, would helpful and appreciated.

    I’m sending this message as inquiry. I’m hoping that I have not inadvertently created a post somewhere.

    Thanks for your help.


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