A School for Gods

Let’s start at the beginning.  What is the Temple of Set?

It used to be very difficult to find information about the Temple, and rumors abounded and flourished in the days before the internet.  We live now in an incredible time of intellectual freedom, and so much that was once hidden is now out in the open.

In the simplest terms, the Temple of Set functions as a school and a source for black magicians to share resources, experiences, and research.  The flow of information goes not only from the top down, as you’d expect, but in all directions.

Several years ago, our founder, Dr. Michael Aquino, decided to make public one of the foundation documents of the Temple.  Because outdated and/or corrupted copies had been floating around online for so long, he felt it could only benefit the curious public, as well as the Temple itself, to make his essay “Black Magic” widely available in PDF format, for free.

“Black Magic” can be found here.

This document is the basis of Setian philosophy, and encourages questions and experimentation.  The Temple does not avoid questions that come from those who are truly seeking answers.

The Temple of Set is unique in that it not only allows, but requires that each Setian should only endeavor to become the best, purest, and most authentic version of themselves possible.  We seek to become gods and goddesses, and the Temple allows us the opportunity to learn from others who share our path, as well as enjoying the benefits of teaching.

One of my favorite aspects of my experience in the Temple, which now spans well over a decade, is the accessibility of its people.  It’s not a personality cult, and you won’t find any gurus.  Our highest-ranking and most esteemed members are often the most curious, open, and fun among us.

The official website of the Temple of Set can be found here.