Thoughts from Setians

In the spirit of beginnings, and opening the Way, I recently posed a pair of questions to the members of the Bull of Ombos.

(1) What made you decide to join the Temple of Set?
(2) What do you recall of your earliest impressions of the Temple?

Kansas22 had this to say –

(1)The Temple of Set was the “last stop on my shopping list.” From the very first two interviews I heard, this group seemed to have greater insights into existence, history, and SELF growth that no other place had, or at least not sharing openly. In both the interviews I liked the “style” and angle from which they spoke. Giving information about the Temple, what it was about and what it meant, and leaving it there for the listener to pursue or turn away from. They didn’t force feed or preach to anyone, they knew that the knowledge IS the reward and that they don’t have to market it or pitch it. There was 3 main points that stood out to me most.
1. Provided insights that answered questions I had, but also gave additional avenues for me to study
2. Reading the initial information that I did, transformed ME and MY thinking, putting ME in a different frame of MYnd that allowed me to comprehend things differently that I had before
3. It emphasized SELF!! I can’t spotlight enough how much I enjoyed this aspect. I can work on my own or in a group. And I loVed the Temple is Set up to where one has the opportunities and access to others great knowledge, information and insights, but the “group” portion doesn’t distract, take away from the individuAL.

The “worst” thing about The Temple of Set is that the more you research, the more you want, and the more the crAVings and hunger grows! Which I feel is a testament to how much the Temple incorporates, but also the potentiAL for what the Temple can be and Xeper in to.

(2) I first heard the name, “Temple of Set” back in the Fall of 2001. I did not research them, or know much more than a couple of lines about them~ but EVEN THEN I “felt” that they could quite possibly have information that most places did not have, but also that they may have an entirely different take on this whole “life and existence thing.” The fact that they were not a main stream organization, and did not have a “franchise” in every town added to my initial theory of them, but also confirmed a credibility to them.
By the time 2013 rolled around and I was able to listen to those two interviews (Ipsissimus Aquino, podcast interview/ Ipsissimus Flowers, youtube interview) I felt that they were both highly, highly intelligent, and very well thought-out. And that is putting it mildly! They gave a lot of great information, but also made me feel that there was a lot more~ to them as people, as Temple Members, and to the organization as a whole.
Cynosurematic replied –


I had been seeking the mysteries for a very long time and was finding it necessary to work within a school. There was a point in which I spread myself thin, doing philosophical work with one group, meditation with another, yoga with another, while still reading as many books as I could and making cross references to distill the essence and find the common ground. At the time I did not know the difference between right hand (RHP) and left hand path (LHP) and I like to think that the LHP found me. It was a friend from the philosophical school who suggested it and named three LHP schools worth exploring.

Choosing the Temple of Set was very intuitive, I made an educated guess from the information that was available. My main source of information about it was its website. The publicly available documents were not many but they covered a lot of ground and I found them comprehensible. I felt that their thinking sat well with my own ideas about spirituality and the human responsibility for personal development. However, I first had to decide whether the LHP was for me or not, and if I was made for the LHP. I explored the path generically and meditated about it for some time. An attraction started to grow as well as a certain sweetness felt whenever I connected with it. This is a feeling I can still easily summon and enjoy thanks to the memories of those days.

Once comfortable with the idea of exploring the LHP, the choice of school fell from it as if by the same process of unfolding.


There was a lot of work to be done from the start, exactly what I was looking for.  I felt relieved that I had at last found a structure and guidance for my self work and decided to go all in.  The relief was short lived, though, when I started to apply the stuff.  The hardest part was to realize that it was I who was creating most of the content, the challenges, and designing the initiatory program I was embarking in.  I understood that, from this point on, I had taken the driver’s seat in all respects of my life.

After the initial awakening, things became confusing.  I really did not know where I stood when everything started to crumble and I had very little to build back with.  With intuition I started to build some experience and then it became evident that the resources provided were the tools for self work, not the answers to the many questions I had, which were the usual ones we fill our heads with while growing up and in reaction to our assimilation of contemporary human culture.  What I found was food for thought, inspiration, and ideas for further exploration in different realms, then I started to rebuild.

The initial results were learning to think independently, to disassemble contradicting beliefs systems, and to discover automatic thinking patterns.  After doing some polishing of the left brain, I got into right brain activities involving imagination and creativity.

Looking back, it is intriguing to see patterns in the chaotic process.  What seem to be independent bursts of actions and ideas separated in time and space, become like logical steps in a process that appears to be creating itself.  Then, you realize it is of your own doing, which is pretty neat.