More Thoughts from Setians

In the interest of fairness, my own answers to our questions –

(1) What made you decide to join the Temple of Set? 

I’d been interested in black magic for some time, but my life was a mess. I knew several people who were members, and they all carried themselves with a quiet confidence, and really seemed to have their lives together. I vowed to myself that someday, when I had some measure of success, something to show for myself, no matter how small it seemed, I would see about joining.  Finally, about twelve years ago, I had finally started work in my chosen field, left a bad relationship, and was starting out on living life on my own terms. I felt that it was time, and asked for sponsorship from one of my friends. The rest, as they say, is history.

(2) What do you recall of your earliest impressions of the Temple? 

Before I joined, the Temple seemed really intimidating. Almost to the point of being monolithic. I knew it was for people who were very smart, successful, and extremely serious about the Work of Becoming a god. I wondered if I could ever measure up and take my place among them.

After I’d finally mustered the courage to try it, I found an incredible warmth and sense of welcoming. People were open and friendly, and even the most celebrated Ipsissimus were approachable and kind. I remember wanting to read and do everything out there, which is a common pitfall!

Now, so many years later, as a “Senior Adept,” I strive to remember how I felt in those days any time I interact with new Setians. It’s a crazy, heady, mind-blowing time. Every little, tiny interaction seems to have such huge significance. It helps to maintain a sense of perspective.