LuKatMay by Priest Fergal Fitzpatrick

by Priest Melmoth

The [ BHEL ] Element in the Temple of Set has been participating in Working459 for the
past 6 months. Working459 is performed at the same time every month — at 9pm of the 5th
day—each active Magician will light 4 candles, launch a sigil and house it in a work of art.
This sigilising ritual creates a talismanic artwork designed by the Artist-Magician
specifically for a desired goal. Pictured above is my final talismanic artwork of the 6 month
My Working459 art talismans contain the visual ingredients of my Magical Intentions. These
act as visual cues to expedite embedding and emphasize the sigil’s special Intention. So
what have we got here? Well it’s me, naked, forming Mudras of Set with my hands in a state
of ritualized Gnosis. I am uttering the name of my Robofish [whose job is to move ‘at pace’
the shoal of sigils floating above me deeper into the collective unconscious] so it can work its
magic. I am flanked left and right by ‘fish-men’ known as Apkallu. Apkallu are Mesopotamian
Priest-Sages wearing fish-garments who have been endowed with sublime wisdom. And
with that wisdom they bless me and my Work. My head is crowned by the thrust of a
lightning bolt quickening the integration of this Working cycle so that it may become a
realization to its magical potential.
The short title for this Artwork is the name of the Sigil “LuKatMay”.
The long ‘official’ title is: “Blessed by the Apkallu and Between Mudras of Set, Priest
Fitzpatrick Utters the Name of his RoboFish to Integrate 6 months of Talismanic Art
Notes: My RoboFish [that little squiggle in the speech bubble] is powered by attention, it is
literally fueled by the gaze of the viewer. Hence the name LuKatMay >>> LuK-at-May >>>
Look-at-Me. But I decided to help it along and get as much attention as possible. So how do
you get people to look at you? Well be naked of course, nothing capture the eye quite like a
naked Priest! That’s my ‘cheeky’ reasoning [that has real application] but I am also pulling on
the enduring tradition in Western art of the nude figure. Tapping into the power of unclothed
figures in the art canon such as history painting, allegorical and religious art and portraiture.
“LuKatMay” falls into each of those categories in magically appropriate ways.
And so it is done.