Doing It In Public


One of the stated goals of the Bull of Ombos Pylon is to engage and strengthen the magical current of Austin and Central Texas. So, while meeting in someone’s living room is all well and good for a while, eventually it’s good to branch out, look for a change of scenery, and find locations that call to our inner hellraisers.

Although Texas has a reputation for right-wing politics, good-old-boy Christianity, and guns guns guns, in reality, the attitude here is very much “live and let live.”  In my many years of affiliation with the Temple of Set, during which I’ve performed countless Workings in public places (and not just in liberal Austin), I have encountered zero instances of interference from members of the public. At the most, people will generally curiously watch for a moment, then lose interest and walk away. The key here is to act natural! We’re not breaking the law, and there’s no reason to skulk around as if we’re doing anything wrong. Acting sneaky will only attract unwelcome attention.

In choosing locations, there has always been a visceral, intuitive calling that led me to good spots. I’ve used Google (“best meditation sites in Austin”), word of mouth, or just stumbled across some amazing places. The Texas State Capitol building has been a place that we’ve returned to again and again, as it has tremendous magical potency. It has been declared a sacred site to the Temple of Set and the Bull of Ombos Pylon, and our magic is now a part of it. The Pylon and the Temple are strengthened by the energy of the Capitol grounds, and will continue to be for as long as the Setian current resides in Austin.

In just the last couple of years, we’ve also performed Workings on the downtown boardwalk, standing under one of the original remaining moonlight towers, at the top of Mount Bonnell, and under a freezing full moon at Mayfield Park. As Austin continues to reveal herself to us, I know we will discover even more incredible sites in which to sow the seeds of our magic.