Walpurgisnacht (2)

The night of April 30 is traditionally known as “Witches’ Night” throughout Europe. Festivals are still held to commemorate the occasion in Sweden, Germany, Finland, and others, providing a rich set of pagan practices to draw from, such as jumping over a small bonfire while making wishes for what one would like to manifest in the coming year.

For those of us on the left hand path, April 30 is the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan in 1966 – making last night the big 5-0. Despite the rift of separation between the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan, most Setians feel it’s valuable to acknowledge and celebrate our Satanic heritage from time to time. One fantastic way to do so is to celebrate Walpurgisnacht, in which we can overlap pagan practices with whatever Satanic rites we might like to Indulge in (see what I did there?).

Last night, the Bull of Ombos Pylon met on the banks of Waller Creek in downtown Austin. While working with the idea of permanence, endurance, and preservation, we also sent forth a blessing to the Temple’s newest Pylon – Black Rivers Pylon of Ottawa, ON – brought into Being on the same night.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to Work with other Setians face to face have a special understanding of the power of the living Temple, and the importance of personal interaction. It is through this kind of Work that the words and works of the Temple will endure.