Legends of Central Texas

Grand central

From Austin, it’s about a ninety minute drive northwest on smaller country roads, where the proper Hill Country starts to show itself. The town of Kingsland sits quietly on Lake LBJ, an unassuming country retreat.

Grand Central Cafe sits on the eastern side of town, a great little cafe inside a remodeled Victorian house. It’s a popular spot for Sunday brunch and holiday meals, where diners often come in from miles around. The space is well-appointed and the food is delicious.

And by the way, the house itself was the set of the 1974 film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In my experience, the staff are very open to talking about the house’s history, and there is even a plaque outside to commemorate its unique role in Texas film legend.  The house was originally built in Round Rock, north of Austin, where it stayed until it was purchased, dismantled, and moved in 1998.

It’s too rare, in our experience, to see a community not only accepting, but celebrating their dark side. A visit to the Grand Central Cafe is a refreshing change of pace in that sense. Where else will you find an entire small town who decided to preserve a piece of horror film history, and turn it to their advantage?

A meal out at the Grand Central is well worth the drive, and a great way to show your support for those who appreciate the darker, weirder aspects of Texas history.